Where Are Mobile App Speeds the Fastest? New Benchmark Report Gives Surprising Answer

PacketZoom has just published its Q2 Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report.

Based on data from the PacketZoom Analytics Platform, the company found that The Netherlands shows the fastest response time for mobile apps, followed by the United Kingdom, France and Taiwan.

As for the United States? The USA was ranked 13th among leading countries, with an average response time of 458 milliseconds, only slightly better than the global average of 438 milliseconds.

Unlike other mobile speed reports, which measure mobile performance using web-based technologies, PacketZoom’s study is the only mobile app speed report that leverages data from end user devices, presenting a more accurate portrayal of app performance.

The Q2 Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report ranks the world’s leading countries for mobile application response time, transfer time, disconnections and other metrics, while providing insights into key statistics of mobile app performance worldwide.

To access the full report, click here.

“Mobile network conditions around the world vary greatly from country to country, which holds great implications for app developers trying to deliver the best experience to their end users,” said Shlomi Gian, CEO of PacketZoom. “There are a lot of factors that go into app speed and overall performance, and we created the Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report so that app developers have the information they need to deliver a fast and effective app experience globally.”