Mobile App Security Giant Teams with North American Bancard

Mobile App Security Giant Teams with North American BancardAhead of the weekend, Mobile Marketing Watch was privy to news that only became official this morning.

On Tuesday, Moki, a leader in mobile app security and operations, formally announced that it has partnered with North American Bancard (NAB) to secure and manage its mobile point-of-sale experience.

NAB is delivering its new mobile payment platform, PayAnywhere Storefront, on custom-built in-store kiosks controlled by Moki’s Launcher, providing a new in-store payment processing solution for small businesses.

On April 8th, NAB unveiled the PayAnywhere Storefront, its first ever free touchscreen tablet and stand with built-in credit card reader at the ETA TRANSACT conference in Las Vegas.

NAB says PayAnywhere Storefront “provides new simple pricing, industry-leading security protection and advanced business analytics not previously available to merchants in one mobile payments solution.”

By integrating Moki’s Launcher into the PayAnywhere Storefront solution, NAB says it is able to keep costs to customers at a minimum while creating a secure and merchant-friendly experience.

For anyone building a controlled kiosk solution using Android devices, Launcher delivers “an enhanced customized experience for users, while maintaining the security needed to protect critical data.”