Mobile App Invention ‘Got Em’ Turns Heads

patentWorld Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, recently announced a new offering called “Got Em,” an application invention created to make sharing, editing and organizing digital photos a whole lot easier.

“The Social Networking Sites (SNS) industry is worth $11 billion,” says Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. “This industry has boomed over the past five years as the number of broadband internet connections has grown. The internet provides a cost-effective method of advertising and socializing.”

“In this age wherein social media is a big deal, people use it to share memorable moments with others,” says Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Inventions. “This application invention called Got Em allows users to organize, process and even share digital photos with ease.”

So how does it work?

Got Em is an application invention designed to make the process of tagging, processing and even organizing digital videos and photos on a portable device a whole lot more convenient and hassle-free. This invention comprises of a logging system which contains multiple interfaces, multiple images and a diverse amount of useful features. With this invention, users are able to share photographs by tagging other individuals. Images can be edited and created into collages before sharing. In addition to this, it features search options when desiring to tag individuals as well as recognize images to make the tagging process less tasking and tedious. With the use of Got Em, sharing and viewing photographs is as simple as pie.

“Are you tired of taking pictures/videos at special events and gatherings and having everyone ask you to send them a copy? Got Em allows you to instantaneously send multiple pictures/videos with just a one tap of a finger,” says inventor Nataly M. “Simply tag the desired recipients, tap the shutter button, and you will have everyone shouting “Got Em!” It only takes one camera to capture one moment. Got Em is the newest way to share pictures/videos instantly without hassle.”