Mobile App, Game Developers Stand Behind Push to End Unethical App Store Marketing

As Mobile Marketing Watch recently reported, Apple has forcefully committed to cracking down on those caught utilizing deceptive marketing tactics to promote their products on the App Store.

Apple says anyone who engages in deceptive marketing practices can be permanently banned from doing business with the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

In response to the announcement, which has made a tremendous splash across the mobile landscape, Apple is receiving no shortge of support from leading app developers.

The ComboApp Marketing Agency, a long-time leader in mobile app promotion services, said Friday that its joining Apple in solidarity behind the move.

While Apple’s statements have inspired dread amongst black hat mobile marketing providers – and rightfully so – ComboApp sees the tech giant’s decision as a big step forward for the industry as a whole rather than as a threat, eagerly speaking out in Apple’s defense.

“Apple’s announcement signals the start of a new era in the mobile marketplace,” says Vadim Chernega, Co-Founder & CEO of ComboApp. “As we see it, their mindset brings the ideal of a fairly regulated App Store Marketplace that much closer to becoming a reality. Furthermore, it vindicates ComboApp and other ethically operating Mobile Marketing Agencies, who no longer have to face competition from dishonest marketers whose unethical ranking and review manipulation tactics have given them an unfair advantage within the marketplace.”