Mobile App Downloads Expected to Reach New Record This Week

Mobile App Downloads Expected to Reach New Record This WeekApp developers are expecting a fantastic stocking stuffer this week. A ton of cash.

According to the latest industry estimates, mobile app downloads are expected to reach new all-time record highs in response to the Christmas holiday this week.

Between the unwrapping of countless new mobile devices (that desperately need new apps), to the popular trend of gifting apps for the holidays, mobile app downloads will pick up steam dramatically as of Christmas Eve.

Although 328 million downloads were logged last Dec. 25 (a 36 percent spike above 2011), the numbers could be much more impressive this week, according to analytics firm Flurry.

A recent Harris survey commissioned by Soasta found that 30 percent of Americans plan to download apps on Christmas Day.

“One of the first things you do when you get a shiny new present is you want to take it for a test run,” said Marcos Sanchez, vice president at App Annie. “It’s the magical trifecta of something new, time to waste and wanting to fill your time with fun stuff.”