Mobile App Developers: iOS is the ‘Highest Priority Platform’

The fourth in a series of Developer Economics reports by Vision Mobile has been published. And the findings point to some interesting realities in today’s mobile app developer community.

The mobile ecosystem analyst firm finds that Android continues to lead mobile developer mindshare. According to the report, which is sponsored by AT&T, Mozilla, and Nokia, 72% of developers are now developing for the Android platform, a 4 percentage point increase compared to the company’s 2012 survey. Meanwhile, iOS shows a 5 percentage point drop in Mindshare.

Other insights include:

  • Developers that do not develop for Android or iOS generate, on average, half the revenue of those developers that do
  • iOS emerged as the highest priority platform, with 48% of iOS developers using it as the lead platform among all others. iOS, Android and BlackBerry constitute lead platforms, which are most often used as a main platform among their developers
  • Advertising is now the most popular revenue model for apps, used by 38% of developers in our global sample

To review more of the information contained in the new report, visit Vision Mobile.