Mobile App Contest Serves Up a Paris Hilton ‘Swag Bag’

When one thinks of the finest in mobile marketing, Paris Hilton doesn’t come to mind.

But for the sake of potentially winning an expensive swag bag filled with ridiculously overpriced Hollywood fluff stuff, we can bend our imaginations to include Ms. Hilton in a serious conversation about mobile for just a moment.

Here’s the scoop. Paris Hilton is running a new mobile contest using her official iPhone app – the latest effort by a mainstream celebrity to use the mobile channel for highly effectual marketing purposes.

Both the Paris Hilton app and contest were developed by Velti, the world’s largest mobile marketing platform.

To enter, fans can download the app from the iTunes App Store, use the “BFF” feature to have Paris inserted into their photo and submit it to Alternatively, anyone can create a photo using the official templates and email it in.

So why would anyone actually do this? For the “hot” prizes, of course.

The grand prize includes a Paris Hilton Swag Gift Basket valued at over $500, with smaller prizes to the first and second runner-up.

The contest ends on Friday, June 3rd and the winner will be announced on on June 7th.

If you’re wondering if Paris Hilton is also simultaneously promoting something, you’re correct. The contest coincides with Paris’ upcoming new TV show, “The World According to Paris.”