Mobile Advertising to Triple by 2016 Says Yankee Group

Add another reputable study to the pile of optimistic reports heralding a huge future for the growth of mobile advertising.

On Tuesday, Yankee Group published “Mobile Advertising Forecast 2012: Marketing Steps Through the Looking-Glass,” which showcases how and why mobile advertising is finally hitting its stride.

The firm estimates that global mobile advertising revenue will expand by three and a half times its present level by 2016.

Mobile advertising is exploding in new geographies, the report reads, pointing to so-called “high-growth markets” like Brazil, India and China as places that will drive the increase.

In 2016, mobile will drive revenues of U.S.$6 billion in Brazil, India and China—and become the dominant platform for digital marketing in selected countries.

“Yankee Group identifies mobility as the primary catalyst for disruptive change, and advertising is a prime example,” said Jason Armitage, Yankee Group principal analyst and author of the report. “Marketers approached this platform initially as an extension of online, but that approach is no longer sustainable for a platform topping 6 billion subscriptions. Mobile advertising has begun to deliver returns—and those returns will flow to companies that draw on user data to design, personalize and deliver effective mobile advertising.”