Mobile Advertising To Help The Economy?

With the economic downturn, consumers are cutting spending across the board, with good reason. Eating out and consumer electronic purchases are among the main things consumers are cutting, but a new study released by Harris Interactive suggests mobile marketing might be the key to reaching consumers that are getting increasingly fickle.

The study predicted that two-thirds of consumers will drastically change their spending habits due to the on-going credit crisis, and rising fuel and food costs. Because of this, leading researchers are suggesting that mobile marketing, if done correctly, could “shore up a company’s sales” during these rough times.

“Done correctly” obviously means making the ads un-obtrusive and effectively targeted, which is true for any mobile campaign, but since the study focused on SMS marketing, it’s particularly important. Among others, offering an advertising incentive such as a free download or purchase discount is the most popular among consumers at the moment, as well as the most effective.

With people cutting corners, you still never hear of anyone saying they’re giving up their mobile phone. It’s become such an important aspect of everyone’s daily lives, that it remains the number one source for marketing to your target audience. Given the extreme targeting and non-wasteful aspects of deploying a mobile campaign, it’s no surprise that businesses are turning to it during trying times.