Mobile Advertising Targeting More Tablets in Great Britain

Mobile advertising may already be a huge force across Europe, but the overwhelming majority of mobile ads are always inbound for smartphones.

Or at least that’s the way the trend has continued until now.

According to the latest research and projections from the InMobi mobile advertising network, smartphones presently claim a whopping 74.1% share in terms of devices that dominate mobile ad impressions. Yet the surging tablet  market is beginning to impact the status quo.

As it turns out, tablet usage is growing at a remarkably hastened pace, currently with a market share of 18.9% and climbing.

As of this writing, it is estimated that there are just under 6 million tablets in United Kingdom. That figure is projected to grow to more than 10 million tablets before the end of 2013.

To learn more about this report and others from InMobi, check out their official Insights page.