Mobile Advertising Taking Off in Argentina

This week it was announced that Personal Argentina has partnered with Amobee for a new mobile ad push.

If you aren’t familiar, Personal Argentina is one of Argentina’s largest mobile operators. Amobee has been sought out to help power ads within the region.

“For Personal Argentina, Amobee alliance represents a great opportunity to further strengthen our leadership in the mobile entertainment development and continue adding value to our services,” says Ignacio Nores, Marketing Director of Personal Argentina.

BizReport noted that the partnership with Amobee will “ensure that relevant mobile ads are served to in-market mobile consumers within the South American nation.”

“We are proud to partner with Personal Argentina to enable them to be a leader in mobile advertising,” boasts Trevor Healy, CEO of Amobee. “Leading operators like Personal Argentina are in a unique position to fuel the mobile advertising market and gain substantial ROI by serving relevant and engaging mobile ads for large advertisers and brands.”

So just how big is the mobile market in Argentina these days? comScore says that mobile devices are becoming more prevalent although they presently account for about 2% of Internet content consumption.