Mobile Advertising, SMS Can Achieve “More Than A 100% Response Rate,” Says Expert

Mobile Advertising, SMS Can Achieve More Than A 100 Percent Response Rate, Says ExpertThough it may be perceived as a bit over ambitious, mobile advertising is said to be capable of a “more than 100% response rate,” according to one industry expert.

Speaking at an Internet trade expo, Marc Hyatt of Textlocal substantiated his claim by using the example of SMS and the viral effect that marketers can experience using the medium, saying “consumers receiving SMS did much of the marketing work themselves.”

“This is one of the few forms of marketing where people will send the message on. They will do the marketing for you if you have a good offer that people are interested in,” he explained.

Mr Hyatt added that beyond being convenient, the medium also forced consumers to read the message as they would otherwise be unable to delete it.  “People just send it on to each other, because it’s so easy just to forward – it’s not like an email.”

While a response rate higher than 100% would be any marketer’s dream, it’s still fairly unfeasible given the nature of SMS.  While it’s certainly possible, it’s misleading to think that any marketing medium could produce such results.  If any medium is going to do it, however, SMS would be it.

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