Mobile Advertising Shakeup at Apple Could Revitalize iAd

According to the scuttlebutt out of Cupertino, California on Wednesday, a big shakeup is underway in the mobile advertising division of Apple.

It seems the iPhone maker wants to make its iAd platform more inviting.

As interest in Apple’s mobile advertising platform continues to plummet, Apple is rumored to be making a slew of significant changes to the iAd program, particularly with regard to its cost.

Previously, Apple maintained a $1 million entry price point for advertisers, but the high price quickly deterred many and iAd never got off the ground the way Apple had initially hoped and envisioned.

From AdAge:

Advertisers will now have to spend just $100,000 for Apple mobile campaigns running in iPhone and iPad apps, down from a previous $500,000 threshold and a significant reduction from the initial starting price of $1 million in 2010, when Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s first ad product.

Other changes are also planned. For example, since iAd was first introduced, Apple has charged advertisers a fixed rate for every 1,000 ad impressions and, additionally, another fee for when users clicked on the ad.

AdAge claims Apple will now charge “only the cost-per-thousand rate.”

Do you think the changes will help rejuvenate the mobile ad platform of a company that otherwise is on fire in all aspects of its operation? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.