Mobile Advertising Just Got 'Simple'

Mobile Advertising Just Got 'Simple'If you already use or are planning to use V12 Group’s Launchpad, you’re in luck. Simple Ads is a new tool that is designed to make managing your campaigns easier.

At its very basic level, it integrates the platform so that you have all of the tools you need to manage your ads, right at your fingertips, the company tells MMW in a provided statement.

According to the CEO of V12 Group, Paul Chachko, “Simple Ads gives users an affordable and approachable way to use digital display advertising, presenting a unique opportunity for them to properly execute campaigns and consistently drive visibility,” and “We are extremely excited to finally put online display advertising within reach for small and medium businesses.”

Simple Ads is an important development in the world of marketing because it is focused toward improving the profiles of those small and medium businesses in a world where it often seems like large businesses dominate all advertising venues, simply because they are big and they have massive advertising budgets.

Some of the benefits Simple Ads provide include the ability to find and target local customers, scalable subscriptions so your usage can grow as your company grows, and the ability to better integrate all of your campaigns, for a cohesive brand message.

To learn more about Launchpad, Simple Ads, or V12 Group, click here.