Mobile Advertising Continues Rapid Expansion Across China

chinaThe global mobile advertising boom is nowhere more apparent today than in China, where ad spend on mobile is ballooning in dramatic fashion.

“While marketers remain cautious because of all the economic uncertainties, more than a quarter of them remain positive about the performance of their companies this year,” said Cherry Lau, senior director at Nielsen in Hong Kong, in a report from the South China Morning Post.

According to research gathered by Hong Kong Advertisers Association and Nielsen marketing firm:

  • 29% of marketers will increase their marketing budgets
  • 36% of marketers will decrease their marketing budgets
  • 35% of marketers will maintain their current marketing budgets

As recently noted by MAW, whether decreasing, increasing, or maintaining a similar marketing budget—72% will allocate more money towards digital and mobile spending. As of 2015, the average marketer spent about 35% of their budget on digital and mobile, and this is expected to rise to around 41% in 2016.

Offline campaigns will make up the remaining 59% of spending, with TV, newspaper, magazine, and radio being at the top of the list.