Mobile Advertising Boiling Hot With 212% Growth Spike

Mobile advertising among leading brands is increasing at an unbelievable pace.

According to the findings of the IAB Australia in its Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER), online advertising expenditure for mobile advertising during the last year was $47.5 million.

Thanks to some handy math by the folks at Digital Market, we can confidently report that such a spike in expenditure represents year-over-year growth of 212 percent.

“As marketers and media buyers seek to reach, engage and influence fragmenting audiences in a challenging economic environment, this data should underpin their budgetary decisions to grow their investment in online advertising,” says Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia.

“The growth in mobile advertising over the past 6 quarters shows that for a minor investment relative to TV, print and other media spends, marketers can add mobile audience reach and executions to their online search and display campaigns,” Fisher added.