Mobile Advertisers Not Pleased with Lack of Access to iOS User Data

Mobile Advertisers Not Pleased with Lack of Access to iOS User DataApple is purportedly so protective of its data that it won’t share highly desirable, although still anonymous, user information with interested advertisers looking to reach millions of potential customers within the iOS ecosystem.

NativeMobile reported Wednesday that there is now a long list of digital advertisers who are “miffed at Apple for not sharing its vast amounts of highly valuable user data that could be used to facilitate better targeted and more relevant advertising opportunities.”

For Apple, the data is vitally important in driving bigger and bolder revenue streams out of its robust App Store ecosystem. And, quite frankly, that’s enough to keep Apple content and largely uninterested in pawning off the data to advertisers. But that’s not fair, say critics who want to tap into this treasure-trove of data.

Earlier this week, AdAge similarly took a shot at Apple for not sharing user data.

“Advertisers want to use Amazon and Apple’s information — whatever little of it they can get — so they’ve been willing to play ball, even if it means doing so with an abridged playbook,” the report reads. “Macy’s, McDonald’s, Nissan and Procter & Gamble were among the first iTunes Radio advertisers, and Pepsi launched a branded radio station — a rare privilege in a universe that typically forbids logos other than the one depicting bitten fruit. The soda brand’s custom work with Apple represents the gradual shift Apple is taking toward better accommodating advertisers.”