Mobile Ads Catching Up With the Times on iOS

Mobile Ads Catching Up With the Times on iOSLong harangued as the stale innovator of the mobile advertising world, iAd may finally be catching up to the top ad networks and other mobile advertising platforms of 2014.

AdAge reports that Apple is gearing up to launch video iAds later this year. They will “automatically play full-screen within iPhone and iPad apps.”

The people described these new video ads as “interstitials,” suggesting that they’ll interrupt whatever someone is doing in app. More likely the ads will play at moments of transition, like after completing a game’s level or finishing an article.

For now, Apple hasn’t confirmed the rumor, but it isn’t difficult to imagine Apple proceeding with rumored plans to enter the potential-rich video mobile ad arena.

“Speculation,” writes Scott Parkhouse of NativeMobile, “suggests that Apple may sell the units via its freshly developed ad exchange.”

MMW will provide additional information on this developing story as more insight is gleaned from knowledgeable sources.