Mobile Ad Titans Team Up for Private Exchange

Mobile Ad Titans Team Up for Private ExchangeAccording to an announcement shared with MMW yesterday, MobFox — a Matomy Media Group company and mobile advertising platform — has just inked a deal with mobile ad leader Airpush, effectively making the two mobile titans partners for a new joint venture.

The companies have partnered for the purpose of rolling out a private mobile exchange.

“The partnership gives advertisers and marketers on the MobFox exchange access to billions of programmatic impressions from audiences around the world,” a provided statement reads. “For Airpush, the partnership serves to increase demand for its worldwide inventory.”

The sophisticated MobFox platform, used by over 100 demand partners globally, is an efficient gateway to the Airpush network of over 140,000 apps. Airpush’s inventory comprises over 350,000,000 opt-in users throughout the world, giving advertisers access to data-rich, brand-safe mobile users that consistently deliver mobile performance far above industry averages.

As a result of the coupling, MobFox says that by integrating Airpush’s inventory into the MobFox exchange, MobFox is “now a single place for advertisers and DSPs to access the right mobile inventory at scale.”

“We’ve known the team at MobFox for several years and are excited to see how they’ve evolved from being one of the leading mobile ad networks in Europe to a top performing global mobile exchange,” said Seth Socolow, SVP Strategic Partnerships at Airpush. “We look forward to working with MobFox to give the DSPs connected to their platform access to Airpush’s unique in-app mobile supply.”