Mobile Ad Targeting is ‘On The Move’

This week, 4INFO – a fast-growing mobile advertising technology company – announced the immediate availability of its newest product called AdHaven Bullseye for New Movers.

By capitalizing on best-in-class mover data provided by a leading data services company called Speedeon Data, the new product empowers mobile advertisers to provide targeted product and service offers to people at every stage of the move process.

It also helps advertisers measure results where they count… at the cash register.

AdHaven Bullseye for New Movers enables the delivery of highly-relevant mobile advertising to consumers across three different phases of the mover lifecycle: pre-movers with homes listed, pre-movers with homes under contract, and recently relocated new movers.

Details shared in the company’s press release on Tuesday indicate that these aforementioned segments provide reach to the 4-5 million households monthly that have moved within the past 90 days, as well as 1-2 million households currently in the process of selling their homes.

Pre-mover and new mover files are updated weekly.

“As consumers progress through the mover lifecycle, their purchase behavior changes dramatically,” says Speedeon Data President and CEO Gerard Daher.  “Because Speedeon Data reaches over 95% of new movers – many within 24 hours of their move, advertisers can be the first to reach this lucrative consumer segment and can also retarget responsive movers as they pass through each stage of their relocation.”

To learn more about this new mobile advertising resource, click here.