Mobile Ad Platform Aarki Acquires Mobspire

Capping off a full week of acquisitions and mergers, Aarki – the mobile ad creation and delivery platform – just acquired mobile ad startup Mobspire.

The announcement was remarkably subtle judging by the simple post found on Aarki’s website today, a post that plainly reads: “All our rich media ads are built upon the cutting edge Mobspire rich media platform. Leverage our rich media technology and creative services to deliver immersive experiences to a global audience.”

According to Tech Crunch, the financial terms of the deal haven’t been revealed.

Aarki raised a Series A (its size was also undisclosed) led by Walden Venture Capital last year, while Mobspire was entirely self-funded.

Aarki says that Mobspire founder Nitish Aitharaju will come on board Aarki and serve as the head of brand advertising.

We’re also told the remainder of Aarki’s team will depart in pursuit of other ventures.