Mobile Ad Network Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

Mobile Ad Network Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth IsIf you’re a developer and you don’t make 30% more on in-app ad revenue with NativeX, they will pay you $30,000.

No joke.

For the first time in the company’s history, NativeX is putting out a “performance guarantee.” A native advertising platform for mobile games, the company’s new SDK purportedly delivers a full slate of new bells and whistles without creating SDK bloat.  And if the results disappoint, there could be a huge payday in it for developers.

“We’ve been longtime partners of NativeX. These guys not only deliver, they stand behind their word,” said Ben Vu, CEO of SkyVu, in a press release issued by the ad network. “Our entire monetization team was thrilled when they noticed our ad revenue had increased by 52% with NativeX’s new native ad formats. And this isn’t just about revenue, it’s about loyal fans and making sure that ads are relevant and interesting to players.”

Full terms and conditions regarding the company’s guarantee can be found here.

“We started with a hypothesis several months ago that mobile advertising was broken because of poor design quality and that we as an industry could create more interesting ads,” said Robert Weber, senior vice president of business development at NativeX.

Webber says his company believes that it’s well on the way to “changing the industry with native advertising that blends science and craftsmanship. We are confident that our technology will continue to dramatically outperform the competition, and our revenue guarantee is proof of that. In beta testing with leading mobile game publishers, we’ve seen at least a 50% increase in ad-based revenue and as much as a 600% increase.”