Mobile Ad Network MobFox Taps Big Data for Analytics Effort

This week, independent mobile advertising network MobFox announced its selection of Treasure Data’s Big Data as-a-Service platform to run their analytics dashboard applications.

MobFox, which has grown to become one of the world’s largest ad networks, serves mobile display and video ads to more than 15,000 applications running on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

“Time is the most precious asset in our fast-moving business, and Treasure Data saved us a lot of it,” says Julian Zehetmayr, CEO and Founder of MobFox.

Zehetmayr says the decision to partner up was essential given the growing demands that accompany growing as an ad network.

“Considering our large and increasing data volume – last month alone we added 20 billion records – it would have taken us several months to build our own data analytics system,” Zehetmayr admits. “With Treasure Data, we did it in two weeks.”

The folks at Treasure Data are equally excited about the partnership and assert that its Big Data as-a-Service platform will enable MobFox to develop and manage their solution significantly faster at a lower cost than by using their own people and resources.