Mobile Ad Network Breaks a Sweat with New Partnership

Mobile Ad Network Breaks a Sweat with New PartnershipThis week, our sister site mHealthWatch was privy to a sneak peek at a new partnership confirmed publicly on Thursday by the team at Tapjoy, a thriving young mobile advertising network capable of reaching as many as 435 million mobile users monthly.

Nido Labs, creator of Alpha Trainer, one of the top-grossing fitness apps available, and Tapjoy will begin offering consumers a new way to get advanced 14-week workout programs directly to their mobile device.

The goal? Help users stay in shape and on budget.

Starting today the Android version of the Alpha Trainer app will integrate the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange model where consumers engage with advertisements to earn virtual rewards to gain access to a library of over 100,000 customized professional-quality workout programs.

“This partnership follows a trend of content verticals embracing the rewarded advertising model and marks a shift in how fitness programs are made available to consumers,” a joint statement from the companies reads.

In fact, Alpha Trainer will be among the first personal training and fitness apps to utilize virtual rewards and the value exchange model to enable consumers to obtain a 14-week professional-quality workout program.

“The Alpha Trainer app is setting the course of innovative and alternative payment methods for consumers to enjoy more than 100,000 customized fitness programs,” says Rob Barnett, head of strategic partnerships at Tapjoy. “Enabling consumers to watch a video or engage with an ad to further their fitness regimen makes Alpha Trainer, and its professional quality workout programs, accessible and affordable to more consumers across the globe.”