Mobile Ad Giant Expands Latin America Presence

With mobile marketing and advertising growing exponentially in Latin America throughout 2013, the new year is already bringing more of the same.

On Thursday, Opera Mediaworks shared with MMW details of its substantial expansion of its presence in Latin America with the addition of a team spanning multiple countries to service the regional needs of advertisers and publishers.

The team now joining Opera Mediaworks has formerly operated independently as Hunt Mobile Ads.

We’re told this expansion will allow Opera Mediaworks to meet the growing demand for mobile ad inventory and impressions in one of the fastest-growing mobile markets in the world.

“Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, represents a market of over 600 million consumers that are rapidly adopting the mobile internet,” says Mahi de Silva, CEO, Opera Mediaworks. “We are particularly excited about the hundreds of millions of global consumers, whose eyes will turn to the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016 – both in Brazil. Opera Mediaworks aims to play an integral part in helping advertisers reach their audience and publishers make the most of their inventory in this region.”

According to details announced this morning, Opera Mediaworks’ mobile ad platform served 60 billion ad impressions a month and reached 400 million global consumers globally in 2013.