Mobile A Big Part In Infiniti’s Upcoming G37c Campaign

Nissan has always been at the forefront in terms of using new-age technologies to promote it’s brands and vehicles.  A multi-channel marketing campaign that’s slated for the launch of its new Infiniti G37 convertible, as well as it’s summer sales event is no exception.  The campaign, along with more traditional methods, will employ “several mobile elements.”

Partnering with MoVoxx, Infiniti will deploy a campaign that utilizes SMS, a new mobile WAP site and various aspects of user-generated media.  “Most of the Infiniti vehicles are pretty tech-savvy, and so are the buyers,” said Josh Clifton, product communications executive at Infiniti. “By using mobile we are reaching out to our consumers who are tech-savvy. It also ties back into the tech-savvy nature of the car.”

The idea behind the campaign is to drive consumers to its new mobile WAP site, which is centered around the Infiniti G37 convertible- a high-profile launch for the automaker.  The WAP site is designed to drive direct response and collect mobile-based leads for its dealers.  To do this, the WAP site gives information about the vehicle and then directs the user to a dealer locator.

The call-to-action of the campaign includes directing users to upload photos to its WAP site, using their mobile phones, to compete for prizes- as well as collect lead information in the process.  To enter the contest, consumers must provide their address and phone number, thus building a database for remarketing.  The first effort in this remarketing is a customized direct mail postcard of the image that the user uploaded with Infiniti branding added to it and a list of local dealerships.

It’s a well integrated campaign with several mobile aspects, which we obviously love around here.  Infiniti is a technology-focused auto brand, and it translates into their marketing efforts as well- Nissan and Infiniti have used mobile in almost all of their recent large-scale campaigns, and has proved very successful every time.  Kudos Nissan.