Mobify Making Waves with Web Engagement Messaging

Mobify Making Waves with Web Engagement MessagingMobile commerce and engagement company Mobify has just unveiled the commercial release of its Web Engagement Messaging.

If you’re not familiar, it’s a new web push notification messaging channel for retailers.

The goal of the resource is to help retailers reach consumers where email or an app may not be the right tool.

After extensive testing with retail customers, Mobify is the first enterprise retail solution provider to leverage Google’s web push notifications since the technology became available for the Chrome browser in mid-2015.

“Shoppers are looking for contextually relevant, real-time information about the brands and retailers they do business with, and they want to know about today’s flash sale today, not the day after it ended because it got placed in the ‘promotions’ tab of their gmail box,” said Mobify CEO Igor Faletski. “Web Engagement Messaging is a great example of how you can reach high-attention customers with an offer that is relevant and exciting. Our customers are starting to show their engagement when using web push by spending an average 72% more on a site per visit. More importantly, they’re showing their preferences for specific retailer and brands through higher conversion rates and average order values.”

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