Mobidia Creates First Web Dashboard to Help Marketers Understand Mobile Market, Analyze Trends

Mobidia Creates First Web Dashboard to Help Marketers Understand Mobile Market, Analyze TrendsA brand new tool that extracts data from the market’s largest mega-panel of smartphone users could soon help many brands “understand the mobile market, track competitors, analyze trends, and make better business decisions.”

Mobidia Technology Inc., a leading mobile measurement and analytics company, has launched a new web-based dashboard designed to make it easier and faster for customers to gain insights into mobile application usage trends worldwide.

“Drawing from the industry’s largest global, mega-panel of smartphone users, Mobidia’s Analytics Web Dashboard is a comprehensive resource for mobile app data and engagement metrics, offering visibility into app penetration, engagement, retention, usage, and other advanced user-cohort metrics that reveal the true performance of mobile applications,” according to the company.

Now businesses have a way to track trends across the mobile app market.

“The global view into app usage metrics and analytics that Mobidia offers allows businesses to gauge mobile usage trends and make better and smarter strategy, product and marketing decisions,” says a news release. “In fact, some of the largest app developers and game publishers, including Skype, King, Kakao, and Twitter look to Mobidia’s data to stay agile in the mobile industry.”

Mobidia CEO Derek Spratt feels his company’s data is a boon to businesses who want to make smart decisions.

“We’re proud of the role our data has played in helping hundreds of app developers and game publishers build stronger businesses,” said Spratt. “And access to our new dashboard makes it even easier for our customers to gain insights into the key performance indicators they value most when making critical business decisions. It’s an invaluable tool for app marketers to help understand and drive customer acquisition, app retention, engagement, and in-app purchases and app revenues.”