Mobext And Quatrro Wireless Team For Detailed Analytics

Quattro Wireless, who operates one of the largest premium mobile ad-networks, has teamed with Mobext, provider of “data driven advertising solutions,” to introduce a new highly detailed mobile analytical solution for mobile marketing campaigns.

Taking a different approach than most analytical solutions, Mobext will incorporate mobile campaign data into Artemis, a “Media Contacts master data warehouse” so that clients can link online and mobile campaign results. Artemis is what’s called a “proprietary marketing decision support system” that, unlike some of the less sophisticated reports advertisers may receive from ad servers, provides detailed reporting right down to the user level.  This highly detailed information will then be made available to advertisers within the Quattro Wireless network of advertisers.

While this may sound like all other attempts at making analytical data more precise and easily understood by those in the mobile marketing industry, it takes things a step further by providing some of the most intricate data available, and reporting it back to campaign managers in its most simplest form.  In addition, the data pulled from mobile campaigns is easily integrated with Online campaigns to give a broad picture of all marketing techniques as a whole.

The problem most face when it comes to being bombarded with analytical information regarding mobile campaigns, is the fact that it’s hard to relay that information back into the campaign to make it better and more effective.  The new partnership between Mobext and Quattro Wireless aims to make the entire process easier to understand and the data easier to manipulate.  Analytical data, especially in terms of mobile campaigns, means nothing if you don’t know how to use that data to make the campaigns better in the end.