Mobeam Revamps Beep’nGo Wallet and Coupon App

mobileOn Wednesday, Mobeam — a leader in mobile barcode beaming technology — announced its latest version of its popular Beep’nGo App for Android.

Beep’nGo, which currently has over 10 million installs, has just added significant design improvements to its 4.0 iteration allowing customers to use retail loyalty cards, gift cards and barcode coupons on their smartphone at checkout scanners for the first time.

So what’s new exactly?

Design improvements include location-based card reminders for faster checkout and an enhanced “Add Card” setup process.  Separate destinations for cards and offers are now easily accessible under the new menu drawer. Beepn’Go offers and coupons have a polished new look, favorites engine for “For Me” personalized offers, an upgraded search and navigation system, and numerous additional offer discovery enhancements.

“We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to improve the user experience and make the use of beaming technology as seamless as possible for the consumer and the retailer,” said Mobeam CEO George Garrick. “As our beaming technology continues its rapid adoption, we must remain diligent in improving the ability of retailers and brands to strengthen their relationships with shoppers through the use of mobile at checkout.”

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