Mobclix Study Reveals Greater W-Fi Usage Among AT&T iPhone Owners

AT&T has topped Verizon according to the results of a new study from Mobclix, although the results may not actually be a compliment.

According to the research data collected, AT&T iPhone owners use WiFi more than Verizon iPhone owners. And the folks at Tech Crunch aren’t mincing words about why this reality may have set in.

Why? Because AT&T has poor reception, AT&T owners have to tap into the phone’s WiFi technology more frequently due to poor carrier reception, although carrier to carrier, AT&;T data speeds are faster than Verizon.

Mobclix found that the top cities with the highest Verizon iPhone usage include: San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Boston.

The Mobclix survey reveals that AT&T iPhone customers use WiFi an average of 53% of the time vs. 38% Verizon iPhone owners.

Incredibly, a whopping two-thirds of AT&T customers who switched to Verizon iPhone paid the $325 termination fee to do so. The top three reasons given by AT&T customers for their switch to Verizon are: “reception issues, personal hot spot and reputation.”

14% of iPhone 4 users are now on the Verizon network, which roughly amounts to a little over 4% of all active iPhone users.