Mobclix Index: Android & iOS Users More Engaged With Apps At Night, More Engaged With Ads In The Morning

Mobile advertising provider Mobclix has published it’s latest infographic as part of its “Mobclix Index” series for June, outlining some interesting data on mobile app engagement across mobile platforms.

The following graphic highlights when users are most ‘plugged in’ to apps, where they have the highest market share across the globe and what tools and services top publishers are using, among other data points.  The data used was derived from 120MM unique users seen across 10.5 billion impressions on the Mobclix exchange during the month of June, according to the company.

Some key findings from this month’s index include the following:

  • iOS and Android users across devices spend the majority of time on apps during late afternoon (4-6 pm) and evening (9-11 pm).
  • Regardless of platform, app users are more engaged with ads in the morning, between the hours of 8-11 am.
  • App usage is highest during the weekends, accounting for 38 percent of overall time spent.
  • During the 4th of July weekend, app usage increased by 108 percent, with utility apps being the most popular.
  • The Android platform holds the highest market share in the U.S., the U.K. and Japan.
  • 82 percent of the top 100 free apps use iAd as one of their ad networks.