MMW: The Top Stories of 2013

MMW The Top Stories of 2013With 2013 now in the rear-view mirror, here’s a brisk look back at the year’s top stories reported by MMW throughout the past twelve months.

India is not only one of the fastest growing mobile populations on the planet, it’s also home to the mobile marketing trends of the future. That’s according to Rohit Dadwal, the Singapore-based Managing Director (MD) for the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) Asia Pacific (APAC) branch.

According to a new report from Double Linx, nothing can help a small business grow faster than embracing mobile marketing, particularly through today’s leading social media channels.

As rumors swirl that Apple will soon release an iOS-powered smart watch affectionately dubbed iWatch by the bustling tech blogosphere, other leading names in mobile technology aren’t being so secretive about their plans to release a similar product.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile marketing is already generating billions in sales for businesses across many diverse industries. And its bound to do even bigger business in the future. In 2012, for example, mobile marketing is estimated to have generated approximately $139 billion in U.S. sales. Projected to climb 52% in the next two years, sales driven by mobile marketing may exceed $400 billion by 2015.

36% of China’s marketers have already tested mobile marketing and more are poised to do the same. When you consider that China is the world’s largest mobile population, the potential for mobile marketing’s growth for the remainder of the decade is unparalleled.

Results of a national survey of consumers commissioned by Campaigner reveal that over 37 percent of consumers were undecided about how mobile marketing emails impact them. Only about six percent of respondents made a purchase directly from a mobile device as a result of a promotion email received on that device.

Mobile marketing is reaching Canadian mobile users with increasing frequency. And they’re welcoming it with open arms, according to the latest research. SAS Marketing Research finds that 58% Canadians actually want more mobile marketing.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, the robust and rapidly expanding mobile marketing ecosystem generated $139 billion of incremental output to the U.S. economy in 2012. It goes without saying why the MMA sees this as a “significant surge” from $48 billion in net sales previously reported in 2010.

mobileStorm Inc., the veteran communication service provider that powers MobileMarketingWatch, mHealthWatch, and mGamingWatch, has announced the launch of two new cutting-edge products that will change mobile marketing as we know it for the casino resort and online gaming industries. Location-based SMS Messaging and AppMail are geared toward “revolutionizing casino mobile marketing.”

While mobile marketing is growing rapidly across North America, Europe, and Asia, it’s vital to similarly recognize the increasing value of tapping into the mobile channel for connecting with consumers in the Middle East. Gemalto, a leading digital security solutions provider, has just published the results of a new survey conducted by IFOP in Dubai.