MMW: Offering Prizes You Can Use

Remember when Guba, the video-sharing site, had that big campaign in 2006, in which it offered people 25 cents for each new user they referred? It was pretty silly. Who was going to expend much time and energy just to earn a few quarters?

On the other hand, a $50 prize is substantial, not to mention welcome in this economy. Just ask Patrick S. of Quest Communications. Patrick filled out the Mobile Marketing Watch reader survey and is the latest to win $50 just for doing so!. That’s $50 for answering nine easy questions, awarded to three lucky random winners!

We’re hoping to better understand how marketers are using mobile as part of their strategy, as well as who our readership is. The survey is still open. So take your shot at the next $50 prize! Fill out the Mobile Marketing Watch reader survey now!