MMW Heading “Under The Radar”

Oftentimes new technology is touted just for technology’s sake. After the geek dust clears, laypersons are left to wonder how Gadget A or App B will actually effect their lives. So we at MMW have always avoided tech elitism; instead we explain why mobile tech is important to marketers, in hopes of creating more participants in mobile marketing.

That’s why we’re going to “Under The Radar: Mobility,” happening Wednesday in Mountain View, California. Under The Radar events have always attracted veteran and maverick tech writers, not to mention investors and enterprises, who hope to be the first to uncover the “next big thing” in whatever realm of technology is the theme of the pow-wow. This week, MMW hopes to find those companies–among the 32 start-ups scheduled to present–that will set the stage for future mobile marketing endeavors.

I’ll be blogging all day Wednesday to give readers up-to-the-minute information about new mobile tech that could will affect marketers. When the dust clears, I hope to piece together what everything means in the big picture. (To make these posts easier to find, we’ve created a special category called “Under The Radar: Mobility.”)

So watch this space!