MMW at CES 2013 This Week

Expectations ahead of tomorrow’s kick-off to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show are perhaps best described as bipolar.

For some, excitement over the biggest trade show in the United States has reached fever pitch today as vendors large and small prepare to exhibit what could be tomorrow’s most promising technologies.

On the other hand, CES 2013 is also seen as a veritable tech version of the Hunger Games. ZDNet’s Jason Perlow, for example, says only a few of the technologies will actually survive and make it to market.

Naturally, CES organizers are over the moon.

“We’ve successfully positioned ourselves as the innovation event for the year,” boasts CES chief Gary Shapiro, “so we have a diverse set of industries represented. … Consumer electronics does not begin to describe what’s at the show, frankly.”

Like any large and well-publicized trade show, CES will leave some delighted and others disappointed. If, however, there’s one reconciling factor that both CES supporters and detractors can agree on, it’s that the annual convention certainly provides an excellent snapshot of what technologies are in focus – shrewdly or senselessly – at the start of a new year.

MMW will be on the floor of the convention hall in Las Vegas this week to digest all the action as it plays out. We invite you to join us for what may prove to be an eventful week of news, speculation, and other unanticipated developments.