MMA White Paper: Mobile Advertising is Now Asia’s Most Effective Method of Marketing

According to the findings by the Mobile Marketing Association and Out There Media, mobile advertising has quickly become the most effective marketing form in Asia.

That declaration, which was based on the measurement of consumer response rates, is made in a joint white paper titled “Permission, Privacy, Measurement: The Way Forward.”

“The result of findings provide detailed information on the changing landscape of the Asian mobile marketing and advertising space, and highlighting the importance and growth of opt-in mobile advertising in the region,” the report noted.

Out There Media, of course, is already familiar with the effectiveness of mobile advertising in Asia. The company’s opt-in database in that part of the world stood at 5 million at the end of March 2011

While the audience is not particularly divided along gender lines, with slightly more men (51%) than women, permission-based mobile marketing has a broad appeal, with 77% being under the age of 30, and with the clear majority (60%) coming from the highly-desirable 20-29 age group. Appeal also extends beyond youth, with 72% coming from consumers aged between 20 and 39.

The MMA says that for the time being, the average conversion rate for opt-in mobile advertising campaigns stands at 25.15%, considerably higher than the rate for mobile display ads (in the low single digits), over twenty times the response rate for direct marketing (1.38%)5 and very much higher than web advertising (where 0.2% is considered a successful campaign response rate).

The report also shows that opt-in advertising caters to all verticals with most actively engaged being fast moving consumer goods, beauty and fashion, finance and automotive.

To read “Permission, Privacy, Measurement: The Way Forward” in its entirety, click here.