MMA Webinar: Putting Geotargeting Tools to Work for You

MMA Webinar Putting Geotargeting Tools to Work for YouAn early anticipated webinar is on tap this week and interested prospective attendees are encouraged to sign up now.

“There’s so much we can learn about a person based on the places they go,” the webinar invitre reads. “Join The Trade Desk and Factual as they discuss how to successfully implement the use of location data in your cross-device campaigns to target users based on their real-world behavior.”

According to the MMA and The Trade Desk, webinar speakers will highlight relevant geofencing examples with a special focus on the benefits of creating custom location-based audiences for Election 2016.

The presenters include Dave Pickles, CTO and Founder of The Trade Desk, and Bill Michels, SVP of Product and Partnerships at Factual.

To learn more or to register to attend the December 3rd webinar, click here.