MMA Sees Mobile Marketing as Big Employment Generator

Mobile marketing will continue to engender new and expanded employment opportunities for professionals in the future.

A recent study released by the Mobile Marketing Association found that mobile marketing accounted for $139 billion in output in 2012.

Over the next five years, this figure is set to “skyrocket,” the MMA says, to $400 billion representing an annual growth rate of 52 per cent.

Perhaps just as importantly, mobile-based advertising/marketing will add an estimated 1.4 million jobs in the United States by 2015.

The data was reported in the MMA Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study, commissioned by the MMA.

“Mobile technology has had an incredible impact, not only on the way that we communicate with one another, but on how businesses market themselves to customers,” Harrison Barnes, CEO of, said in response to the recent survey results. “As more and more people use their phones to do what they used to do on their desktop computers, it’s fundamentally changing the marketing industry and the type of experience and technical skills that advertising agencies look for in employers.”

The MMA says its “MMA Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study” is the first objective and comprehensive overview of U.S. economic performance across the mobile marketing industry.

Research was conducted by Peter A. Johnson, Ph.D., and Joseph Plummer, Ph.D., of mLightenment.