MMA Releases Mobile Banking Overview

The Mobile Marketing Association has published its Mobile Banking Overview; an educational resource designed to provide analysis of the unique marketing opportunities and attributes that the mobile channel represents for the financial sector.

As you can imagine, it’s jam packed with relevant considerations and helpful advice.

“As mobile commerce becomes more secure, we will see a paradigm shift in the way people do their banking,” said Sean Moshir, Mobile Banking Sub-Committee Co-Chair at the MMA. “We believe that mobile banking will parallel the Internet era in many aspects, leading consumers and financial institutions alike to become more comfortable with mobile transactions. The Mobile Banking Sub-Committee is pleased to present the Mobile Banking Overview as a key milestone in the evolution of mobile commerce.”

This overview comes on the heels of the MMA also publishing an updated version of its Mobile Advertising Overview, which was initially made available in April 2008.

For now, the MMA Mobile Banking Overview can be downloaded from And the updated Mobile Advertising Overview white paper can be downloaded from