MMA Releases A Real Page Turner

Forget the latest James Patterson novel. The Mobile Marketing Association has just released the fifth issue of the MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing (MMA-IJMM).

Unfortunately, there are no thick plots, no steamy loves scenes, and very few colorfully described action sequences. Instead, all the excitement is turned toward us, the reading public. With the latest installment focusing on the development of a better understanding of “the who, how and why of mobile marketing,” it looks as though the real story will come from how we apply this knowledge to whatever mobile marketing work we may have at hand.

According to the MMA, the IJMM is an educational resource created by the MMA Academic Outreach Committee. Designed to provide information on the mobile channel and its use for marketing, it includes 10 articles from academics, industry experts, thought leaders and global contributors.

Some of the featured articles are:

  • A Five Point Measurement Framework for Mobile Advertising
  • Understanding and Implementing Mobile Social Advertising
  • Breaking Free from ‘Dotcom’ Thinking in a Mobile World
  • Mobile Marketing: From Marketing Strategy to Mobile Marketing Campaign Implementation
  • Mobile Research in Marketing: Design and Implementation Issues

The MMA-IJMM is published twice a year and is only available through subscription via the MMA website. For more information on the journal, to submit articles or to purchase a copy, go to