MMA Provides Stage for Mondēlez International’s ‘Mobile Futures’ Launch

As MMW covered Monday morning, Mondelez International is jumping into mobile advertising with a new program called “Mobile Futures,” which is meant to spike a company’s consumer connections “by working and collaborating with some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the mobile world—start-up entrepreneurs.”

This week at The Mobile Marketing Association’s first ever Advertising Week conference – Smarter Mobile Marketing (SM2) – Bonin Bough – Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelēz International – used the platform yielded by the MMA to unveil his company’s new endeavor.

Bough specifically referenced the MMA study, “MXS,” which states that marketers should allocate, on average, 7% of their marketing spend to mobile.

Bough announced, exclusively at SM2, that Mondelēz International is planning to invest 10% of their global marketing budget in mobile activations and channels across the entire consumer journey. Additionally, Bough unveiled the launch of a new mobile program, Mobile Futures.

“Mobile Futures is about building the future of mobile in 90 days. The first 90 days are about building scaled pilots by working with some of the industry’s leading entrepreneurs,” said Bough. “The next 90 days are about sparking ‘intrapreneurship’. We will continue to drive a culture of innovation within our own organization and out of that culture will come new, innovative ideas that will shape the future of mobile.”

“It is clear from the discussions across SM2 that marketers understand the ‘why’ behind mobile marketing,” added MMA chief Greg Stuart. “And what is even more exciting is that companies like Mondelēz International are taking the ‘why’ one-step further by creating programs to advance not only mobile as a practice, but use mobile to transform the industry. My advice to all marketers is learn from SM2 and reimagine your marketing strategies with mobile taking the lead.”