MMA Promises New Research on Mobile’s Economic Impact

On Tuesday, Michael Becker – a Managing Director in North America for the Mobile Marketing Association – publicly confirmed the MMA’s plan to unveil the “MMA Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study” next month.

The report is billed as the first objective and comprehensive overview of U.S economic performance across the mobile marketing ecosystem.

“From reviewing the total sales contribution of mobile to the U.S. economy as well as a detailed analysis of mobile marketing impact,” Becker says, “the ‘MMA Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study’ will arm the industry with critical evidence of mobile’s economic value and marketing effectiveness.”

According this morning’s email from Becker, results will be revealed on the morning of May 9th at the MMA New York Forum.

“It’s fairly simple. In a world of diminishing returns, the brand that invests early in understanding the new channel reaps disproportionate advantages,” says Greg Stuart, Global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association.

To learn more about the Forum or to register, click here.