MMA News: Business Logic Systems Joins Mobile Marketing Association

IAB 50 Percent of Marketers Now Buying Mobile ProgrammaticallyMMW learned of the latest MMA news ahead of the weekend.

The customer Value Management specialists at Business Logic Systems have announced their membership of the Mobile Marketing Association in South Africa.

BLS, in its announcement, called itself an established data-driven marketing and loyalty program technology enabler and experienced provider of Customer Value Management services.

“The combination enables a diverse range of businesses to build an effective insight-led, data-driven approach to delivering incremental value from their existing customers using the mobile device as the primary medium,” last week’s press release explains.

“I am delighted to have BLS as members of the MMA,” says Chairman of the South African MMA and Founder of Digital Solutions Group, Yaron Assabi. “They provide crucial technology enablers to transform customer data into actionable insight, enabling clever promotions, mobile advertising, campaigns & loyalty offers. DSG uses this data-driven approach to increase the effectiveness of the omni-channel marketing campaigns that we design for our customers.”