MMA Launches Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Committee

The Mobile Marketing Association has has announced the formation of the MMA Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Committee.

The announcement came during the MMA CBP Forum (Consumer Best Practices) this week in Florida.

According to the MMA, the Committee’s objectives are both straightforward and practical given the evolution underway in mobile marketing. Consequently, the goals of the committee are vested in educating the marketplace, creating best practices and building standards around the effective use of interactive voice services in mobile marketing.

By the MMA’s own admission, interactive voice response services are being used with greater frequency and, as a result, the MMA wants to help “guide its use” in an effort to support and benefit both marketers and consumers.

“With the increasing use of interactive voice and the audio channel in mobile marketing, the time has come for mobile marketers to share our experiences, develop best practices and create guidelines to best use this medium to successfully deliver marketing communication and create broad acceptance by consumers,” said Michael Becker, North America Managing Director of the MMA. “The goal of the IVR Committee is to oversee the development of these standards, communicate them to the industry and support their use in the marketplace.”

According to a press release issued Wednesday, the MMA IVR Committee is scheduled to meet for the first time in mid-February.

The committee will be open to MMA members who are interested in participating in the development of guidelines, best practices, educational workshops, open forums and other relevant information to further the reasonable use of IVR based mobile marketing, the release noted.