MMA Launches Initiative To Make Mobile Marketing Easy For Brands, Agencies

MMA Launches Initiative To Make Mobile Marketing Easy For Brands, AgenciesThe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today announced its launched an initiative to minimize the cost, risk and time to market for consumer agencies, brands and retailers as they implement mobile marketing strategies, effectively making it as easy as possible for those who are willing.

Through various events, webinars, outreach programs and educational materials, the new initiative is designed to further the recent trend among major agencies, brands and retailers to move their mobile budgets out of the R&D column and into their mainstream marketing programs.

Some challenges the MMA has identified that may be holding some brands back include understanding and implementing effective mobile marketing tactics, integrating mobile marketing with their overall brand strategy, developing and executing highly engaging campaigns and measuring campaign effectiveness.

To combat these issues, members of the MMA have developed informational packet that provides a concise, accessible overview of the mobile marketing ecosystem, with tips for reducing costs, risks and time to market, and other advice from leading vendors, agencies and media planners. The informational packet will feature a variety of real-world examples that illustrate mobile marketing’s positive ROI and can serve as models for agencies, brands and retailers as they develop campaigns.

“This new initiative reflects the MMA’s commitment to supporting agencies, brands and retailers as critically important market sectors that are leveraging mobile marketing for effective consumer outreach and engagement,” said Michael Becker, Managing Director for North America, MMA. “This is just the start, along with leading MMA members we’re building the foundation and providing actionable intelligence and rare opportunities to network with and learn from the industry’s leaders, this initiative is an ideal opportunity for brands and retailers to fast track their mobile marketing strategies.”