MMA Issues Whitepaper on Mobile Location Based Services Marketing

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has published a new whitepaper on location based services marketing.

The whitepaper underscores the MMA’s commitment to expanding knowledge about and familiarity with Location Based Services (LBS).

“Mobile Location Based Services Marketing” was created by the MMA Privacy and Preferences Committee.

For many marketers, Mobile Location Based Marketing promises an unprecedented, new way to connect with customers, delivering highly relevant, targeted messages at the time and place when a consumer is most likely to act on them. A capability that only mobile delivers.

“A maturation of technology, combined with innovation in marketing techniques, mean that LBS marketing is poised to take off,” says MMA North America Managing Director Michael Becker. “With today’s publication, the MMA is leading the industry forward, defining and exploring the potentially limitless possibilities LBS marketing opens up for all doing business in the mobile channel.”

The “Mobile Location Based Services Marketing” whitepaper points to current examples of Location Based Marketing’s use in the marketplace, and identifies likely future-use cases. It is intended, says the MMA, to inspire the reader to consider how location technology may be applied most effectively in their real-world marketing scenarios. It is the first step toward the development of best practices, and the long-term goal of the creation of industry standards.

To check out the whitepaper for yourself, click here.