MMA Heats Up Mobile Channel with Winter Issue of the International Journal of Mobile Marketing

On Thursday, the Mobile Marketing Association published the latest issue of its International Journal of Mobile Marketing.

According to the MMA, this new edition covers a broad range of topics including the unique Indian perspective on mobile marketing, whether Pakistan can build a mobile marketing channel, mobile payments, mobile social media, and why the US Government cares about location based marketing.

All told, there are ten articles packed in the new issue. They include:

  • “SMS Marketing: The Role of Permission and Acceptance” by Prashant Amin, Bijal Zaveri Amin, R.P. Patel
  • “Mobile Marketing: the Emerging Indian Perspective” by Varsha Jain, Saumya Pant, Aarzoo Daswani
  • “Can Pakistan Build a Mobile Marketing Ecosystem?” by Yasmin Malik
  • “A Comparative Study of the Telecommunication Industries of India and South Korea and Mobile Handset Market War of South Korea” by Jayrajsinh Jadeja, Kedar Shukla
  • “Driving Frequency with Mobile Social Networks (MSN) and the Mediating Effects of Price and Quota Promotions” by William F. Humphrey, Jr., Debra A. Laverie
  • “Mobile Application Adoption by Young Adults: A Social Network Perspective” David G. Taylor, Troy A. Voelker, Iryna Pentina
  • “Social Media Use in a Mobile Broadband Environment: Examination of Determinants of Twitter and Facebook Use” by Sangwon Lee, Moonhee Cho
  • “Mobile Payments: The Reality on the Ground in Selected Asian Countries and the United States” by Meiling Pope, Ryan Pantages, Nadeshda Enachescu, Ryan Dinshaw, Corey Joshlin, Robert Stone, P. Albert Austria, Kala Seal
  • “LBS Marketing: Why the Federal Government Cares and What You Can Do About It” by Monica Desai, Greg Louer, Ryan King, Maria Wolvin
  • “Thinking Human: Permission Based Mobile Marketing Can Help Lead the Way” by Mihai Vlad

“From presenting perspective on South Asian markets to exploring the use, impact and potential of mobile social media, this issue of the IJMM is extraordinarily valuable for those doing business in the mobile industry and academics,” says IJMM Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Institute for Mobile Media Research Michael Hanley. “The IJMM gives critical insight into emerging trends and markets that will inspire academics and allow marketers, agencies and enabling technologies to plan strategies for tackling their business challenges in these areas.”