MMA, Giant Media to Explore the Future of Mobile Advertising

MMA, Giant Media to Explore the Future of Mobile AdvertisingOne ad format, more than any other, is growing at a pace so fast today that it could one day soon be the most dominant format in all of mobile advertising.

We are referring, of course, to native mobile advertising.

“Native advertising is among the most talked about—and puzzling—aspects of the ad industry. Native is big and getting bigger, with spending expected to reach over 4Billion this year,” says the Mobile Marketing Association.

But with more companies and advertisers directing their time, attention, and resources toward native mobile advertising, it’s important for the practitioners of native mobile advertising to get it right.

For that reason, the MMA and Giant Media will present a webinar on April 30th that delves deep into many burning questions and critically important aspects of native mobile advertising.

David Segura, co-founder of Giant Media, will lead the webinar, which will cover:

  • How to implement a native strategy
  • Deciding on the ideal content for a native ad
  • The best ways to measure native content campaigns
  • How to create a more optimal customer experience

Anyone interested in registering for the webinar can do so here.