MMA Gearing Up for SM2: Every Moment is Mobile

MMA Gearing Up for SM2 Every Moment is MobileThe MMA tweeted a helpful reminder Monday to its many followers on Twitter.

“All of our twitter followers get 20% off passes to our upcoming SM2 event in NYC,” the organization shared. “Just use code “Twitter_20SM2”.

SM2: Every Moment is Mobile is scheduled for September 24-25 in New York.

According to the MMA Global webpage, SM2 will provide marketers the knowledge to effectively allocate resources and establish the right infrastructure to leverage mobile.

Mobile devices have transformed our world—from the way marketers market to the way consumers interact, life as we know it has changed. Every point of consumer connection—awareness, engagement, purchase intent, and the final sale—has been impacted by mobile marketing. In today’s world… Every Moment is Mobile.

As a result, this year’s SM2 participants will hear directly from leading marketers experienced in the design, strategy and budgeting of mobile marketing campaigns on how to successfully create mobile moments with your customers during every touch point.

To learn more about the forthcoming event, check it out here.